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Hello, I’m Xavier. I’m 15 years old and have cerebral palsy. I am here to share my experience of an activity carried out by Wheel IT – Madeira (WIM), wich i would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them for showing interest in an area that will allow many people who have some type of disability to visit Madeira in a safe way and without barriers.

Before telling you about my experience, i know Via Activa through their summer camp “Verão em Cheio”. I have been a participant for a few years and i always have been well received and cherished by the entire team. There is always a concern to overcome any barriers, making it possible for me to perform all kind of activities the same way as my colleagues.

About this activity, i was challenged by WIM to take the route of Bica da Cana, Ponta do Sol wich, when finished allows us to reach a viewpoint with a fantastic view at an altitude of 1580 meters, wich also allows us to see one of the highest points in Madeira, Pico do Areeiro.

WIM inteded to continue the testing process of one of the equipment purchased for the project, wich in this case is a Joelette. This equipment is characterized by taking the form of a unicycle that is manuevered by two persons and being all-terrain, it allows you to go through tracks that are not normally accessible by a regular wheelchair.

The activity started with my transport to Bica da Cana. I was transported in the adapted WIM van, wich with the adapted swivel seat allowed and facilitated my entry into it. When we arrived at Bica da Cana, WIM human resources assembled the equipment and put me in it. After this placement, it is necessary to adjust all the safety tools in order to have the greatest comfort and safety possible during the activity. Through the route i felt safe, comfortable and mostly happy to be passing this place for the first time, as this trail cannot be done in a standard wheelchair, like i said before.

Unfortunetly, when we arrived at the viewpoint it was foggy wich didn’t allow us to have the intended view., but it didn’t took any value from the activity because i was able to reach a place i’ve never been before.

Finally, i would like to thank Wheel IT – Madeira for the opportunity to experience an activity of this kind and above all, the good mood and availability of those responsible, wich was also a factor that allowed me to enjoy this experience. You can see the summary video of the activity’s on Wheel IT’s youtube channel.

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