Other Activities

Madeira is indeed a destination for everyone, from everyone. Even for those who, after exploring the beauty of the island, prefer activities simply to relax or a little adrenaline with some sports activities. We present some suggestions for a time well spent:


In contrast with Madeira’s splendorous nature and intense green, there is always the intense blue of the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, a relaxing boat ride will always be one of those almost mandatory programs in a visit. Feel the ocean breeze, be dazzled by the beauty of the island seen from the sea, or simply connect with Nature. It will be one of those moments that you will remember as your point of shelter.

* Photo’s Credit: Visite a Madeira


Surfing is already more than a sport, it is almost a lifestyle. If you identify yourself with this sport and want to try surfing the waves of Madeira, we have a passionate team that will accompany you. Being able to dominate the waves and feel the adrenaline on a surfboard will make you vibrate. We have practices adapted for everyone. Don’t be afraid to be the next MacNamara.

* Photo’s Credit: Kampus Production – Pexels


What if you could fly through the skies of Madeira? In a feeling of total and complete freedom? Let yourself glide through the skies, with the stunning beauty of nature at your feet? Not a dream, but paragliding. A modality of accompanied free flight, in which the pilot controls the movements until a gentle descent back to earth

* Photo’s Credit: Visite a Madeira


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