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MADEIRENSE | Arco da Calheta, Risco, Rochão and Quinta Pedagógica

Morning | We start by visiting one of the oldest places on the island subject to colonization and agricultural exploration after the discovery. And it will be here, in Arco da Calheta, that you will put your hands in the dough, with all the energy. We won’t tell you anything else, you really have to come and try it. Then we’ll go for a very relaxing walk where you can appreciate the natural beauty of the island.

Lunch at Rochão | We hope you have kneaded the bread well, because it will be part of your menu. In a totally relaxed way we will prepare lunch with all the Madeiran traditions. We won’t reveal the menu, but we are sure you will feel like a Madeiran. And the drinks will be on you!

Afternoon | “The Quinta Pedagógica dos Prazeres”, founded on October 1st, 2000, is a project of education, socio-cultural evolution and development of the rural environment, stimulating the local economy and fighting desertification. An educational space of defense of Nature, Traditions and Culture, with recognized public interest.” Nothing better than the people themselves to describe this magical place where you will spend good times among culture, art and traditions among the fauna and flora they preserve.

Impact: We will donate 2.5% of sales to support an association.

What will you take with you? A “kneading” experience that you will certainly try to repeat and a cultural richness embedded by Nature

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CALHETA | Risco, Farol da Ponta do Pargo, Maktub, Quinta Pedagógica And Engenho

Morning | The day starts quietly with the levada do Risco, so you can be immediately dazzled by the beauty of the island seen from a higher point. The lighthouse stop at Ponta do Pargo, on the westernmost tip of the island, will further enrich your memories.

Lunch at Ponta do Pargo | will such beauty whet your appetite?

Afternoon | Before heading to the Quinta Pedagógica, where we will stroll through art, culture, traditions and a fauna and flora preserved with great esteem, we will stop at Maktub in Paul do Mar. But we won’t tell you everything. On the way back to your accommodation we stop at Engenho for a surprise…

Impact: we will donate 2.5% of sales to support an association.

What will you take with you? A lot of new knowledge and flavors and fantastic photos of the Island.

Tags: Cultural

FUNCHAL | Funchal Cable Car. Monte Palace, Carreiros do Monte, Pico dos Barcelos, Botanical Garden and an optional visit

Morning | are you ready for the downhill? First we go up by cable car where you will have the green of the island, with colorful flowers, contrasting with the intense blue of the sea at your feet. Relax from the journey among 70,000 m2 of exotic plants, along with various animals that circulate in the Quinta do Monte Palace. Really relax… because the way down will be very animated with the Carreiros do Monte.

Lunch | after the adventure “An authentic feast for the palate” in the restaurant Quinta Estação.

Afternoon | time for photos. At the Pico de Barcelos viewpoint, recently remodeled, you will be able to take pictures worthy of postcards, with the island as a backdrop. Not tired yet of the imposing beauty of nature, we will continue to the Botanical Garden, one of the most beautiful gardens in the region, with a fascinating collection of species of various plants. Before returning, you will still have the opportunity to choose one last activity of your preference.

Impact: we will donate 2.5% of sales to support an association.

What will you take with you? A fun experience to tell your friends about and lots of pictures with Nature in its maximum splendor.

Tags: Adventure, Cultural

SIGHTS | Cabo Girão, Cristo Rei, Pico dos Barcelos, Eira do Serrado, Pico do Areeiro, Funchal Cable Car

Morning| We climbed to the highest cape in Europe, the Cabo Girão, 580 m high and famous for its suspended glass platform. We will then have another perspective at the Cristo Rei Belvedere, this time overlooking the area of Garajau. And for the third sight, we will stop at the Pico dos Barcelos viewpoint for a complete panorama before lunch.

Lunch at Quinta Estação before continuing with the sightseeing.

Afternoon| And the views continue, this time at the Eiro do Serrado viewpoint, at an altitude of 1095 m, with a breathtaking panorama over the parish of Curral das Freiras. The next stop will be at Pico do Areeiro, already at an altitude of 1818 meters and with a fantastic view over the central massif of Madeira Island. If we go up, we will have to come down…how about a trip in the Funchal Cable Car to end the day?

Impact: We will donate 2.5% of sales to support an association.

What will you take with you?  Hundreds and hundreds of photos… that you will never tire of sharing!

Tags: Sightseeing, Cultural

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